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2014-2015 Health Quality Council Annual Report

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HQC enters into new collaborations with U of S researchers

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“We’re creating learning organizations that work through problems”: Dan Florizone

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Patient flow: bringing you better care, sooner.

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Patients appreciate changes in Regina Qu’Appelle

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Learn how Saskatchewan is reducing wait times and improving the flow of patients through the system

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Learning opportunity for physician quality improvement leaders

HQC Posted on Thursday, July 30, 2015 4:14 PM

The Health Quality Council (HQC), in partnership with the Saskatchewan Medical Association (SMA), is once again sponsoring physicians from this province to learn about the science of quality improvement from a health system widely regarded as a world leader in delivering high-quality, lower-cost care. The two provincial agencies are inviting nominations for four Saskatchewan doctors who are leaders in quality improvement to attend the miniAdvanced Training Program (miniATP) ...

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