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QI Power Hour

One of HQC’s priorities is to build learning systems to spread knowledge on improving health care quality and safety throughout Saskatchewan. HQC is proud to facilitate the QI Power Hour learning series. Join us for these free WebEx sessions on an array of quality improvement-related topics.

Here is what past participants had to say about these sessions:

“This session was great. It provided the perfect level of information for someone starting to coach others about measures.” (Measurement and Data, September 23, 2015)

“Taking time for self-reflection was very valuable. It was a new way of looking at some old behaviors – I’m willing to put it into action.” (Seven Languages for Transformation, June 17, 2016)

“This session supported me by providing a clear framework and an understanding of when to use the different conflict styles. My learnings were very tangible and included practical tools; it’s not just theory.” (Conflict Management: Getting to the Root Cause, November 4, 2016)



Title: Serious Fun - Fundamentals of Creating a Positive and Productive Culture

Guest speaker: Mike Easton, President and CEO of Argus Industries, Argus Metals, and TerraCab Industries

Date and time: Friday, April 21, 2017, 10:30 am – 11:30 am Central Standard Time

Session Description:

"No one wants to work, but we all have to -- so why not make it FUN!"

This is a philosophy that was sparked by words from my father more than 20 years ago. It allowed me to go down a road to make the company culture the focus and make the financial statements just a report out on the results of our efforts.

Creating an intentional culture and introducing Lean manufacturing tools to our people was the catalyst in the creation of the "Argus Tribe." The 'Argus Tribe' culture helped launch our company into a level of employee engagement that has had the media talking about us ever since.

My talk will show you how leadership starts and ends with culture. The 'Argus Tribe' culture is something you will want to learn about; but beware: this is not a formula, but a real-life example of how we built our culture from the ground up!

Some things you will take away from my talk:

- How to positively influence and build a culture from the top down and bottom up;
- Build engagement and team buy-in at every level for a stronger and healthier team;
- Motivate and unite through events and experiences; and
- Learn a few new philosophies that may change the way you think about meetings, rewards, and your organizational structure.


To participate in this session, please join both the teleconference and WebEx, using the details below:

Teleconference number: 1-888-289-4573

Participant passcode: 2024041 

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Meeting number: 634 885 573  

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