Designing, Aligning, and Integrating Measurement for Improvement

Apr 19, 2018 at 10:00 AM
Designing, Aligning, and Integrating Measurement for Improvement

Guest Speaker: 

Brandon Bennett, improvement advisor, Institute for Healthcare Improvement (IHI)

Session Description: 

Complex systems often struggle with the ability to understand… change, people, or even the concept of quality improvement. How can Saskatchewan’s complex health system adapt and adopt this understanding in a measurable manner? 

Performance metrics are a powerful tool of organizational change and serve as a stepping stone to understanding. Organizations that define objectives, establish goals, measure progress, acknowledge achievement, and display the results for all to see can turbo-charge productivity and gracefully move an organization in a new direction.

To assist our complex system and its players in achieving integration and alignment of data, HQC is proud to bring Brandon Bennett to Saskatchewan to lead a one day workshop for system leaders and data support personnel. Join us to learn about improvement science, how to utilize data in health systems for improvement, how to employ operational improvement at the organizational level, and more.

Session Objectives: 
  1. Review the pillars of improvement science
  2. Build an appreciation of how understanding variation fits in with managing and improving systems
  3. Explore how data is used in different ways across health systems including for improvement, accountability and research
  4. Demonstrate integration and alignment of data from the systems level to the project level highlighting causal cascades of measures
  5. Look at a way of operationalizing improvement science at organizational level. Involves:
    • Define the purpose of the organization
    • View the organization as a system
    • btain information to improve the system
    • Plan for improvement of the system
    • Manage improvement of the systemvi.    

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