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Posted on Apr 29 2013 | 2737 views

We’ve made it easier for you to interpret data on Quality Insight by highlighting two significant patterns of change in run charts: A shift (6 or more consecutive points either all above or all below the median); and, a trend (5 or more consecutive data points either all going up or all going down).  The following sample screenshots from Quality Insight illustrate how shifts and trends are displayed; white boxes framed in red show the points that contribute to the shift or trend and a solid red box indicates the point at which a trend or shift is confirmed:



Two more helpful features to try on Quality Insight: Hover over any of the boxes and a pop-up will provide a brief description of what the data are telling you; and, click on the “?” button above the chart to learn more about shifts, trends, and other run chart rules.

Initially, patient experience survey indicators will display these new features where shifts and trends exist in the data, and eventually all indicators on Quality Insight will offer you the same experience.

And, you’ll be pleased to hear about another upgrade to the website -- we’ve accelerated the page loading time.

If you haven’t visited Quality Insight lately, drop in to the website and take the new features for a test drive!

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