Quotes requested for Curriculum Design Specialist consulting services

Posted on Feb 22 2016 | 2349 views

Quotes requested for Curriculum Design Specialist consulting services

The Health Quality Council (HQC) is requesting quotes for a Curriculum Design Specialist to provide consulting services to conduct a learner needs analysis.

Services requested:

  • Conduct a learner needs analysis for senior health care leaders;
  • Evaluate competencies and determine performance goals;
  • Identify and prioritize training needs to achieve performance goals;
  • Recommend program delivery methods to best conduct training – considering adult learning theory and best practices;
  • Work to be completed between March 1 and March 31, 2016.


  • Educational professional with a background in curriculum and instructional design;
  • In particular, experience working with adult learners in the health sciences would be an asset.

Please submit your proposal to Debra Wright, Executive Director of Transformative Learning, at dwright@hqc.sk.ca by Friday February 26, 2016 before 12 noon CST.

The Health Quality Council works closely with Saskatchewan’s health regions and Cancer Agency, the Ministry of Health, and health care providers to make care better and safer for patients in this province.

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