Our strategy, mission and vision

Our strategy

At the Health Quality Council (HQC), we are guided by a strategy for working with organizations and patients in Saskatchewan to accelerate improvements in health care quality and safety. Our three-year strategic plan, released in October 2016, includes four priorities for continuing to make health care better and safer:

  1. Integrate patients and families as partners in all aspects of health care
  2. Build learning systems to spread knowledge on improving health care quality and safety
  3. Measure health care outcomes and processes to generate evidence for decision making
  4. Drive improvements in health care quality and safety by spreading best practices, ideas, and innovations

How we add value to the health system

HQC accelerates improvement of health and health care across Saskatchewan. We do this by building improvement capability and spreading innovation throughout the province, through education, improvement initiatives, and research.

Our mission

Accelerate improvement in the quality of health and health care throughout Saskatchewan.

Our vision

Optimal health and health care for everyone.

Our values and principles

Our values

  • Create meaningful connections
  • Spread passion for learning
  • Work to make a difference

We demonstrate these values through the following principles

  • Put the patient first
  • Respect every individual
  • Know and do what is right
  • Think scientifically
  • Be optimistic
  • Add value every day
  • Be accountable